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When we help others heal, we also heal ourselves.


about Timcy

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No matter how much it gets abused, the body will restore its balance. The first rule is stop interfering with Nature.

- Deepak Chopra

I remember as a child when I was growing up in India, whenever I used to look at the night sky in the summer, full of stars, I used to be so fascinated. I used to be lost looking at the moon, especially a full one. Even at a very youn age,  I used to ask my father so many questions about my own identity, about God, of the purpose of our birth, and of the moon, the stars, our universe and the laws that are governing them. With age, my curiosity continued to increased - only greater.

I was looking for something and stumbled upon an old box in our storage room. Inside were some dusty old books which no one had even touched in years. One of them was on hypnosis and, after reading just a couple of pages, I put it back as I had no idea what it was about. I remember reading the word "meditation" and it has been stuck in my mind ever since. At that time I was only ten years old and had no idea what it is but I felt a great pull to learn more about it and how to do it.

I was always inclined towards nature and to learn more about the spiritual aspect of life. In my late teen years I learnt how to do yoga. I always used to wonder why God created us. What is the purpose of life? I was not convinced that we were born just to get a college degree, get married and to have kids. For me life never meant working countless hours to earn more just so that we can spend more. Looking at the world around us when I see people struggling and in so much pain I used to feel awful. I always wanted to do something to help them.

Finally in 2014, while living in Brampton I found out that one of my very close friends had started learning meditation. Then in 2015 I got my chance to learn it and my new journey started. A journey to a wonderful awakening, healing, and transformation. Finally many of my questions started getting answered.

"My Vision is to help people enhance their quality of life in every aspect by helping them reduce their stress, emotional issues, recover from any physical illness or accident, release the blockages and unhealthy energies from their energy centers, bringing harmony first to their inner world which will be projected to their outer world and there will be harmony in work life and relationships. I strongly believe that when we help others heal, we also get healed in the process."

I was two years into this journey to self and someone asked me if I knew anything about Reiki. I started my research on that and got interested in it. It felt like a Superpower that I can use to help myself and others. So in summer of 2017 I got my Reiki Certification from Reiki Master, Christine Massey in Brampton. This path gave me happiness and peace that I have been searching my entire life. The biggest breakthrough was when along the way I got a chance of learning Pranic Healing from Senior Instructor Antjie Halim. She is truly an angel. Aside from teaching me Pranic Healing, she helped me embark on a journey to deeper inner healing. Pranic healing is a very advanced way of energy healing. It also helped me grow my spiritual connection to much higher degree. The meditations and spiritual practices in Pranic Healing are very advance.

Life these days is full of Challenges and Hardships. While running like a hamster on a wheel people started thinking that this struggle and stress is an integral part of Modern Life. Energy healing and Meditation is my way of helping people relax, reducing their stress, anxiety, depression and helping them heal their physical and mental ailments. Everytime this stress overpowers anyone’s mind they become vulnerable and almost every illness in the body comes from being in this state.

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