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The ancient practice of living in balance with awareness of self and surroundings.


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"For me, it's just like an elixir for healing through knowing and acceptance of self and accepting others and different situations, appreciation, a process of forgiveness that helps letting go, gratitude, a link to the Supreme being and a secret to peace, happiness and inner stability."

~ Timcy Lamba

It does not mean turning off your thoughts or brain but just observing them without any judgement and then redirecting them where one learns to be in a state of happiness and peace realizing the real nature of self and others. 


Meditation is an inner journey that helps transformation and empowerment of thoughts through right self-awareness. It is not about becoming a New person but about bringing a shift in the consciousness which in turn bring changes to the self. Right thinking is the seed of right words and actions that one manifests in day to day life, in relationships and decisions.

Learning meditation is just like learning any other new skill. it needs patience and practice. There is no right or wrong way to Meditate. One can find the best suitable style for them by trying out and practising it everyday.

The more popular styles are:








Although meditation is an inner journey that starts from self realization, it results in a practically transformed living. With the practice of being in right awareness and innate spiritual qualities, it becomes easy to cope with adverse situations. Meditation helps gain access to inner resources that otherwise remain hidden from a person with gross worldly awareness. It also promotes healing many physical ailments as well. There are many scientific studies that shows evidence that it greatly helps in reducing stress and anxiety, promotes emotional health, helps fight various addictions, age related memory loss, improves sleep etc


Not recommended for:

  • Children under sixteen

  • Anyone with heart disease, hypertension, glaucoma, severe kidney ailments

  • Pregnant women (on a case by case basis)


meditation on twin hearts

An advanced meditation technique aimed at achieving illumination and higher consciousness. It is a wonderful tool of world service by bringing Peace, Healing and Harmony to Mother Earth and all its inhabitants. It is a simple and very powerful meditation with amazing results. When practiced regularly along with spiritual benefits, it also brings physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. While doing this meditation painful, obstructive and diseased energies are removed, allowing the healing energies to enter. It brings balance to one’s life and enhances the quality of life.

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A special "donation-based" offering

This is an ancient meditation which was only available to advanced spiritual aspirants. In 1987, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui simplified and made it available to common people by introducing it in his book “The Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing”. Today, it is commonly known as MCKS Twin Hearts Meditation

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Meditation is a practice of living in balance. It’s a habitual process of training the mind to focus and to direct your thoughts. It helps in increasing the awareness of self and surroundings.

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