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What is "energy healing"?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Energy healing is an ancient way of healing that brings vitality and Balance to Body, Mind, and Spirit. While treating the practitioner works with the energy body and aura of the person and results are shown in Physical, Mental, and Spiritual aspects of their wellbeing. It is used to promote healing for various ailments related to mental and physical health.

In energy healing, it is believed that before a psychosomatic illness enters and shows effects on our physical body, it first manifests in our energy field, also known as the subtle body of that person. It will create a blockage and will disturb the flow of energy. So if we will remove this blockage we can prevent many such diseases in our physical body and if it’s already there then helps faster recovery. There could be many reasons why this flow of energy is interrupted, few common reasons are stress, disturbing relationships, emotional trauma, internal conflict, overworked, holding negative emotions and feelings etc.

There are many different energy healing techniques. They all use “Ki”, “Prana” or “Life Energy” as an important part of it. We will discuss 3 main energy healing techniques here:

In energy healing, it is believed that before a psychosomatic illness enters and shows effects on our physical body.”

1. Reiki Healing Reiki is a special kind of healing energy that can only be channeled by someone who is attuned to it. There might be exceptions of a few people who are born with it or got it some other way but majority people need to receive a Reiki attunement to be able to use it. This is what makes Reiki different from other forms of energy healing. This ceremony is also called as Reiju (Ray-joo) in Japanese, is executed by the Reiki master during each level to open and extend the main energy channels of the student’s body, enabling universal energy, also acknowledged as Qi/Chi/Ki, to run more smoothly and deeply through them.

During attunement, the REI or Spiritual Consciousness makes adjustments in the student’s chakras and energy pathways as well as in deeper parts of one’s consciousness to accommodate the ability to channel Reiki energy, it then links the student to the energy source. Remember, once you have Reiki Attunement you will have it forever, you can’t lose it your whole life.

2. Pranic Healing:

Pranic Healing also works on the Energy body also known as “Pranamaya Kosha”. This therapy helps to bring balance by removing dirty disease energy from a person’s Aura or Energy body. There are countless studies that support the fact that once the energy body is healed, the physical body will also heal automatically.

Pranic Healers develop the abilities to channel energy from higher universal power and natural energy sources like sun, air, water, trees, earth, etc. which is then directed to a person’s energy centers and affected areas. It involves working on 11 major chakras and few minor or mini chakras. Any kind of blockage in the energy flow in these are the main reason for almost all physical diseases.

3. Crystal Healing:

When a healer uses various Crystals also known as semi-precious stones for energy healing its results increases many folds. The stones used and their positioning is chosen as per the symptoms reported by the patient. It is a conscious effort to open your heart and mind to Crystal Healing but once you begin, this journey is full of powerful experiences and healings. If crystals can communicate through computer chips, then isn’t it possible that this vibrational energy could be transformed in other ways?

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