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Pranic Healing vs Reiki

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Over the course of this year, with so many people experiencing heightened anxiety and stress, I have received numerous inquiries about the energy healing in general and, more specifically, people have asked me "what is the difference between Pranic Healing and Reiki?” So I have decided to write a blog about this. I feel very fortunate to be able to learn and practice these two amazing energy healing modalities; however, both healing practices are very different in their approach but at the same time they share some similarities. I discussed it with my instructor Ms. Antjie Halim and she guided me to read certain material from much senior, Master Co, for me to explain it better. I hope to explain more about these two modalities to the best of my limited knowledge and experience.

Both PRANIC HEALING and REIKI are excellent healing modalities to help alleviate pain and suffering however PRANIC HEALING gives you the tools to produce faster and better results.
  • In Pranic Healing the healer needs to practice “Energetic Hygiene” which includes breathing practices, special dietary recommendations and other cleansing routines which are designed to keep healer’s personal energy tank clean and full. It is very helpful for practitioners to rid themselves of any dirty energy that they might have picked up while healing their clients. There are rarely any such practices found in any other modality, including Reiki.

  • In both Pranic Healing and Reiki, the healer works on the energy body of the client. But Pranic Healing involves a 100% non-touch healing modality, whereas, Reiki practitioners have an option to touch their clients softly around certain energy zones.

  • Pranic Healing, just like any science or art, is practiced based on formal education and learning. It needs to be practiced in a specific step-by-step way. Whereas, in Reiki the practitioner just needs to be ‘Initiated’ by the Reiki Master. They are not required to study.

  • In Pranic Healing. we work on eleven major and a few minor and mini chakras. Whereas, just like most of other modalities, in Reiki, only seven chakras are known.

  • In Pranic Healing, the healer draws energy from Air, Ground, Sun & Divine sources to provide them all to the client’s aura, chakras or a specific spot where it is requited. Whereas, in Reiki once the healer is initiated they draw energy from cosmos using different symbols.

  • In Pranic Healing, the healer first scans the aura and different chakras or parts of the body to determine whether there is congestion/blockage or depletion of energy. Through thousands of gathered case studies, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS)concluded that every ailment has a unique set of energy patterns. Thus, scanning is a key tool that aids the healer in determining the client’s condition / ailment and to individualize the healing for better results. In Reiki on the other hand, practitioner mainly uses their intuition to heal.

  • In Pranic Healing we use different shades and colours of Prana to accelerate healing whereas Reiki does not use any colour prana.

  • Another big difference is: In Pranic Healing we first cleanse the Aura, Chakras or other different parts to remove the old, stale, stagnant or blocked energies. Once the dirty diseased energy is removed only then fresh prana is projected. Cleansing allows the body to heal quickly as the fresh prana that will be projected later on will penetrate deeper. Reiki on the other hand has no such technique.

In summary, both PRANIC HEALING and REIKI are excellent healing modalities and help alleviate pain and suffering. However, PRANIC HEALING offers you the tools to produce faster and better results. For example, If we put a dirty sponge which is full of mud under a running faucet it will eventually clean but it will take lots of time, effort and energy. On the other hand, if you will squeeze (cleanse) the sponge before running it under faucet it will save a lot of energy and the results will be much faster and effective.

To learn about Pranic Healing and Reiki to determine which one may be right for you, get in touch with me.

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